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4 Generations

We are living on a farm that belonged to my wife's grandfather, her dad bought it, farmed it and now his kids and grandkids live on the very same property.  We are located in north Forsyth County GA and our professions range from teachers to IT to mechanics to hairdressers.  We wake up to beautiful sunrises and go to sleep with peace in our hearts.  Praise God for this little farm and all who live and visit here.



Faulkner 5 Farm is located in North Georgia in Forsyth County.  Currently, it is a hobby farm raising a mixed herd of cows and Delaware chickens.  We grow a vegetable garden every year and enjoy country life.  Future plans are to raise some breed of goats, still researching that.  



We have settled on Delaware chickens which are in the picture here.  Delaware's are dual-purpose heritage chickens used for both meat and eggs.  The hens will produce 100-150 brown eggs per year and a harvest weight of 6-8lbs.  These chickens will reach harvest weight at around 3 months.  They are great foragers and have a friendly demeanor.  We have our flock settled and we are looking forward to getting eggs in the spring.

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